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Kjetil Skøien – visual art, theatre, choreography


Large Bird Masks

A collaboration between Kjetil Skøien and the composer Rolf Wallin performed by the musicians of Cikada, a concertperformance about birds, endangered birds, birds in rituals. Video, photographies, choreography, texts, both poetic and facts are elements in the performance.

2019: Ultima Festival, The Opera, Oslo

Lost Rooms

A documentary performance and exhibition of photographies and texts.  Five Syrian refugees describe in detail the content of a room in their house in Syria.  A lost room.   Music composed by Julian Skar and from Syria performed live.  

2019: Ultima Festival, Oslo – Aktivitetshuset K1 – Deichmann Tøyen, Grunerløkka  2020: Mela Huset, Oslo  2021: Spriten Kunsthall, Skien

The first and The last Sentence

A solo performance.  Kjetil Skøien reads the first and the last sentence from books he has read the last 40 years. Duration from one to four hours. He stands on books. He reads the names of the authors starting with A, then B, etc. and then all the first sentences and the last sentences.


2022: Jakob Sande Senteret, Dale  2020:  Bananaz, Oslo  2019: Tegnerforbundet, Oslo  2018:  Uppdal Festival, Steinkjer – Heidal Kunstfestival – Hellviktangen galleri    2016:  Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer «Østlandsutstillingen» – Galleri LNM, Oslo   

The Hidden

A solo performance. Fragments of texts from books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner.                  200 photographies of anthroposophic architecture. Choreography.                                                    Piano music: George Gurdjieff. 

2018:  Anthroposophic Society, Oslo  –  Ytterjarna Culture House, Sweden

Paris Walks

A solo performance. A video shows fragments of scenes from the streets in Paris.  Texts, sentences written from images seen in galleries in Paris. Voice and body expressions.  Photographies of faces from books. The performance is a collage of material made during a six months residence in Paris in 2013. 

2019:  Kunstbanken, Hamar    2015:  Fylkingen, Stockholm – Goetheanum, Dormach, Switzerland – Ram galleri, Oslo